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Faye Knight Children's Physiotherapy


Faye Knight Children's Physiotherapy is a private practice based in Maidenhead, 
Berkshire that provides a high quality service to meet the
unique needs of babies, children and young people from birth-19 years.


About Faye Knight

Faye Knight is a highly specialised children’s physiotherapist with over 20 year's experience across many hospital and community settings, most latterly as a senior physiotherapist at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital in London.  

Faye set up her practice in 2014 following some time at home to look after her two young children. The practice provides high quality assessment, advice and rehabilitation. Faye is passionate about working with children; the benefits of her speciality is an in-depth knowledge and understanding of child development and the diseases, conditions and injuries specific to childhood.

Many parents do not always have the choice of appropriate physiotherapy for their child in the private sector; often physio’s do not specialise exclusively in paediatrics. Missing or incorrect diagnosis could affect a child’s development and their physical or sporting potential. Accordingly, children should never be seen as mini adults and treated as such.


“Faye has a vast range of experience and expertise in treating children. She has a lovely, friendly manner putting children and parents at ease making sessions both fun and successful.”

Samantha Double, Orthopaedic Practitioner, Chelsea and Westminster hospital.

“Faye reduced our anxieties around P’s diagnosis and gave us lots of practical advice and support.” 

Anne, Marlow


Faye understands the impact a disabled or sick child can have on family life and has the therapeutic and educational skills necessary to teach, empower and promote physical wellbeing.

Faye has a wealth of treatment expertise; she is Bobath trained in treating children with cerebral palsy and has attended many courses including  taping, orthotics, gait analysis and sports and growth injuries in children and adolescents.

The philosophy of Faye’s treatments are to make physiotherapy fun, goal oriented and child centred in order to achieve their maximum  physical potential.

Faye is registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC), and is DBS (previously CRB) checked. 

What We Treat

The list below is by no means exhaustive. Please contact Faye if you are still
unsure as to whether physiotherapy could help your child:


Developmental Delay. 

Children not reaching their milestones such as sitting, crawling or walking when they should.


Concerns regarding babies head shape (plagiocephaly), preferential head turning (torticollis), brachial plexus lesion or talipes.

Gait/walking concerns.

A child  presenting with intoeing/outoeing walking, knock knees/bow legs, tip toe walking, flat feet. 

Musculoskeletal/sporting injuries.

Including anterior knee pain, Osgood Schlatter's disease, Severs disease, sprains and strains, joint problems and pain that stops them participating in their regular exercise.

Adolescent back pain.

Poor posture, scoliosis, Scheuermann's, low back pain.

Fracture/orthopaedic surgery. 

Rehabilitation following surgery or after a fracture.

Cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions.

Including pre and post SDR intensive therapy. 

Chromosomal disorders.

Children with Downs syndrome and other disorders.


For example, Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.

Joint hypermobility/hypermobility syndrome.

Help with symptoms such as pain, fatigue and joint instability.

Developmental co-ordination difficulties/dyspraxia.

Children with difficulties such as using a pencil, riding a bike, poor ball skills, regular falling/tripping, who are not keeping up with their peers.

What to expect

The first assessment will last around an hour. You and your child will be asked questions including your current concerns and developmental history. We carry out much of the assessment through play, especially in the younger child so they don’t realise they are being ‘examined’. 

Following the assessment Faye will let you know her findings and what she can offer to help your child. You will make a plan and agree goals.

If appropriate you will then be given a tailor made home/school programme that aims to fit around your families’ routine.  

It is vital we work in partnership with parents, carers and other professionals in order to achieve a childs’ goals. We encourage you to help in supporting your child’s rehabilitation by actively participating in the treatment session and their home programme. Subsequent treatment sessions last between 30 minutes and an hour.    

Your child should attend with suitable clothing e.g. t-shirt and shorts so we can fully assess them. A baby may need to be undressed to their nappy , this allows us to see what is going on.



You will be asked to consent for assessment and any ongoing treatment. If appropriate, your child may need referring to other professionals e.g. paediatrician. Communication between professionals working with your child is vital in order to work together on goals.

With your permission we would liaise with any other individuals e.g. a sports coach or an NHS physio who is also seeing your child.We always expect a parent or carer to be present at all sessions

Contact & Appointments

Faye is based at the Drummond Clinic in Maidenhead

We also offer home, nursery and school visits


Treatment Hours

Mon-Wed: School and home visits 9am-5pm

Thursday: Drummond Clinic 9am-7pm                                                    


Initial clinic consultation:

60 minutes – £75.00 90 minutes - £120

Subsequent sessions:

30 minutes – £48.00 60 minutes – £75.00

Please note we operate a 24 hour cancellation policy

Home/School visit:

£80 Maidenhead; <10 miles £90; >10 miles £90 plus return mileage cost (contact clinic for pricing)

A tailor-made home exercise program and brief email report is included in the initial consultation, if required.

Written reports: There will be an additional charge of £75/hour for longer reports that may be required for education, consultants etc. This will be discussed in advance. Insurance companies will not cover the costs of these reports.

Case managers: Please email or call the clinic directly for pricing and terms and conditions.


Phone & Email



Drummond Clinic
Monza House, Vanwall Road, 
Vanwall Business Park, Maidenhead, 
Berkshire, SL6 4UB.

( Free parking available on site)

01628 639532

Covering areas of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, including: Maidenhead, Cookham, Marlow, Bracknell, Slough, Gerrards Cross, Camberly, High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Beaconsfield, Amersham, Penn, Thame, Reading.

We are approved and specialist providers for most private medical insurance companies (excluding BUPA). Please call your insurance company for approval prior to initial consultation.



I love Faye and I am completely grateful to her. I was so scared that my baby will never walk and Faye not only reassured me and showed me that everything will be fine she worked so beautifully with my baby that she made real progress in weeks. Couldn't recommend Faye enough. And she came to our house making everything easier for us. Thank you so much Faye!!!

Dana Perta 11.02.18

I just want to say a big thank you for the work you have done with Nikita. We are so pleased with the lasting difference it has made and you have given me peace of mind on her and the confidence to help continue to exercise at home. I would recommend you to any parent looking for a children's physio. Your knowledge is clear and you have the ability to relate to children in a very caring and enthusiastic manner. You have always provided a variety of fun exercises which kept Nikita relaxed, compliant and entertained - she genuinely enjoyed every physio appointment :) Thank you again. I wish you a brilliant 2016!

Fiona Gammell 7.01.16

I just wanted to recommend Faye Knight BSc who is a brilliant Paediatric Physiotherapist. She has a clinic based in Maidenhead but came to our home last week to meet my 6 year old who is recovering from major orthopaedic surgery and she was amazing. She immediately won his trust, he had a fun but productive session with her and afterwards she went through the exercises as well as sending me a sheet of ideas. If you are looking for someone who really knows their stuff but is also a natural when it comes to getting a child to trust them, Faye is your woman

Natalie Trice 11.1.16